Stunning Success at CITIE: Tunisia Shines in Guangzhou !

The Tunisian Tourism Office in China recently participated in the CITIE (China International Travel and Tourism Expo) exhibition in Guangzhou. With immense pride, I am thrilled to announce that we were honored with the "Outstanding Organization" award!

Stunning Success at CITIE: Tunisia Shines in Guangzhou !

This accolade is not merely a reward; it mirrors our unwavering dedication to showcasing Tunisia's rich cultural heritage and breathtaking destinations to our Chinese friends and partners. It stands as tangible proof of the continuous effort and commitment of our team, who have tirelessly endeavored to highlight Tunisia's unique allure as a tourist destination.

Our involvement at CITIE was an enriching experience—a golden opportunity to connect with other industry professionals, share knowledge, and establish new partnerships. This also showcases Tunisia's rising prominence in the global tourism scene and our enduring aspiration to offer unforgettable travel experiences.

I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude to our team, our partners, and everyone who has backed us on this extraordinary journey. This award embodies our shared passion for promoting Tunisia and all the treasures it offers to the world.

As we continue to bolster and expand our presence in China, we eagerly await welcoming more travelers keen on exploring Tunisia's history, culture, and natural beauty. Together, we will craft memorable memories for tourists from all corners of the globe.